LGA Chemical Solutions, Inc based in San Antonio, Texas since 2010, is a company of Omega Chemicals S.A. de C.V from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The first company in our group was founded in 1972 to manufacture antifoam for phosphoric acid. In 1973, another company of our group was established in order to manufacture and develop specialty chemicals. The first production unit was installed in Monterrey, Mexico; and in 1979 was moved to the industrial area of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. In here the development of chemicals for the mining industry began, and started the development and manufacture of dyes, asphalt emulsifiers, anti-dust agent, anti-caking agents for fertilizers, and a range of specialties for applications in production and refining of oil, and treatments for industrial drinking water and wastewater.

The EQM mark is considered a reliable supplier of flotation reagents for the industry of non-metallic such as fluorite, barite, silica sand, phosphorite and iron minerals.

In 1976, in partnership with investors from the USA, Unisphere Chemical Corp. was formed. Unisphere Chemical Corp. focuses in the production of specialty chemicals for the textile industry, and antifoam for phosphoric acid manufacturing in the United States. In the same corporation, a partnership with J.C. Thompson from England created a company to produce dyes for the textile industry.


In December 1994 the merger of companies in specialty chemicals resulted in OMEGA CHEMICALS, SA DE C.V., and as a growth strategy the company began to diversify product lines to enhance customer support, and to maximize the company’s resources.

Some joint ventures and partnerships with foreign companies have been finalized to enhance production capabilities and product lines achieving greater diversification. Among the most important are: SNF- United States of America and France, LPI-United States, QUALICHEM-United States of America, THERMAX-India.

Other associated companies that provide support in different fields such as petroleum industry, water treatment, corrosion inhibitors, equipment and software for water treatment are: Hydranautics, Rhodia, CORTEC, OSMOTECH, PULSAFEEDER, NOVEON, WATERLINK, WATER TECHNOLOGIES, CORTEC, LMI, FRENCH CREEK and among other companies.


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